4 Winning Combinations for a Doggone Great Football Season
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4 Winning Combinations for a Doggone Great Football Season

Kick the fun up a notch—for you AND your dog—by combining some of the best parts of the season.

Football season is finally back! You may think that only matters to humans, but what about your biggest fan and bestest friend? We’ve put together four winning combinations that you and your dog can BOTH enjoy all season long.


You + Your Dog

If you’re a football fan, then your dog is a football fan, too (that’s just how it works). Whatever you′re up to on game day, they’ll love it if you let ’em in on the festivities, and you′ll have even more fun, too. Because the two of you is the best combo of them all.


Tailgates + Tail Wags 

There’s nothing quite like a tailgate. For you, it might be the fall air, the smell of the grills, the music or the sound of cornhole bags hitting the board. For your dog, it’s all the exciting sights, smells and people around who might pet them. Just make sure that wherever you go tailgating is dog-friendly, and that your dog is leashed so they won’t run away and steal another fan’s food…or cornhole bags. You′ll also want to bring plenty of toys for your dog to help ensure maximum tail wags!


Of course, if you plan on going to the game after the tailgate, it’s best to leave your dog at home.


New Turf + an Old Favorite

Fall and early winter can bring comfortably cool temps that are just right for getting active outside. Try checking out a new dog park to play a good old game of fetch…even better if you get your dog a football-shaped toy and throw ‘em some touchdown passes. They′ll also have a chance to sniff some new scenery and make some new friends, and you might even meet a fellow football fan there, too!


Watch Parties + Great Food 

When you and your guests are all huddled around the TV, you′re sure to be munching on a tasty spread. Meanwhile, your dog will likely be right by your side (and probably waiting for you to drop some food). So, make sure they can enjoy a tasty meal and snacks on game day, too. For that, you can count on the Dream Team: Kibbles ‘n Bits® dog food and Pup-Peroni® soft dog treats—a meaty duo that’ll win your dog’s heart. In fact, they go together so well that many dog owners even use Pup-Peroni® treats as a meal topper on their dog's favorite Kibbles 'n Bits® recipe! So, whether or not your team scores big, your dog’s tastebuds will be doing a victory dance—and that’s a win worth celebrating!


Find Kibbles ‘n Bits® dog food and Pup-Peroni® dog treats online or in stores near you.


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