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5 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Mealtime More Enjoyable

Help give your pets the ultimate mealtime experience with these tips:


Dogs and their owners have many things in common, but perhaps one of the biggest commonalities is that they both love to eat! When preparing meals for your four-legged family members, it’s important for the meal to be packed with flavor and nutrients, and to create a dining experience they enjoy and look forward to. Help give your pets the ultimate mealtime experience with these tips: 

1. Create a mealtime routine 

Animals love routine. It’s important for dogs to establish a mealtime routine whether they get fed first thing in the morning, after their walk or as small meals throughout the day. By establishing a routine, your pooch will quickly catch on when it’s mealtime. 

2. Purchase a puzzle bowl or toy 

Does your dog eat too fast? Do you want them to make a game out of their meal? Puzzle bowls and food dispensing toys are a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind during mealtime. They allow them to slow down to truly enjoy their food, making mealtime fun! Head to your local retailer to choose the correct bowl or toy for your dog. 

3. Provide your dog with a meal that gives them variety 

Dogs and humans alike enjoy food with variety! That’s why for years Kibbles ‘n Bits® has been making dog food with its signature combination of crunchy kibble & tender bits to bring joy to your dog’s every bite. With varieties including Bacon & Steak Flavor dry dog food and Savory Beef & Chicken Flavors dry dog food, you will be sure to find the perfect match for your furry friend. 

4. Turn mealtime into a dance party 

Have you ever danced due to excitement? Well, now your dog will, too. Play a song before each mealtime to signal when it’s time for your dog to eat. This new bonding ritual will create more fun for all family members and will have your dog busting moves in anticipation in no time! 

5. Make it a training opportunity 

Use mealtime as an opportunity to train and reinforce wanted behaviors. Using commands like “sit” and “wait” before allowing your dog to eat helps them practice impulse control and good manners.