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How to Keep Dogs Safe on July 4th

Here are some tips for when the bombs start bursting in air.

Celebrating the Fourth of July is a fun summer event — if you’re a human. If you’re a dog, this holiday can be stressful. Here are some tips for when the bombs start bursting in air. 

Avoid party snacks 

Between brats, burgers and beverages, the Fourth of July is chock-full of fun, human-friendly goodies. Still, some of these snacks can be harmful to your pets. Keep a close eye on them during the party to make sure they aren’t helping themselves. 

Keep them inside 

When the sun goes down, loud fireworks tend to go off, and the sight and sound of them can make animals nervous. To mitigate this stress, keep your furry friends inside when you first see the rockets’ red glare, so to speak. 

Try compression gear 

Some pet lovers swear by compression accessories to help keep animals calm during loud events. Garments like these can help soothe anxiety by applying gentle, consistent pressure to natural pressure points, much like swaddling a baby. Talk to your vet and do your research to see which compression accessory is right for your pet. If buying compression gear, be sure to pick them up or add to your online order in advance of the 4th – pet stores can be sold out of product this time of year! 

Update their info 

If the worst happens and your pet does escape during the festivities, proper identification could be her ticket home. Before the Fourth, make sure your pet is wearing tags with updated information. You may also want to talk to your vet about implanting a microchip in your pet, as tags can sometimes fall off and get lost. 

Know your sites 

Lots of cities have social media groups dedicated to looking for local lost pets. Familiarize yourself with these sites just in case you must scan them for pictures of your missing furry friend later. 

When all the guests are gone and the fireworks are over, take some time to show your pet how much you love her. Some face time or a nice treat after a stressful day is always a great idea.