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Help Your Dog Live Their Best Life

Welcome to the Kibbles ‘n Bits Blog

To us, there’s no greater joy than having a dog. Or three. Or four. Get ideas on how to bring more joy into your dog’s life!


How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

With so many tasty dog food varieties from Kibbles ‘n Bits® available, how do you keep them on track?


A girl sits on the floor while a puppy eats a bowl of food in front of her.

When Kids Can Start Helping with Pets

Caring for pets teaches children responsibility and empathy. Here’s what kids can do by age group.

Why Dogs Know Us Best

If you’ve ever felt like your dog truly gets you, from your changing mood to the depths of your soul, science is here to back up that suspicion

The 5 Best Family Dogs

Find out which dog breeds are right for your family.