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The 5 Best Family Dogs

Find out which dog breeds are right for your family.


If you have children and are thinking of adopting a furry friend, it can be difficult to know which type of dog to get. While most dogs like the company of adults, kids are sometimes another story, and some dogs may get along with them better than others. 

Standard poodle 

This breed has a cultural reputation of being snobby, but they’re great family dogs. The standard poodle is incredibly smart and easy to train. This breed also has a goofy side and is a loyal playmate for kids of all ages. As a bonus, poodles are hypoallergenic.


Newfies are the very definition of gentle giants and are very good with children. This breed is extremely patient and sweet-tempered. Newfoundlands are also very active and enjoy running and playing. Make sure to supervise these dogs around smaller children, though, as they sometimes tend to forget how big they are and knock smaller people over. 

English bulldogs 

This wrinkly breed is a friend indeed to children everywhere. Like kids, bulldogs start off their lives with lots of energy and mellow out as they get older. This makes them perfect companions to grow up with. 


Collies have a lot of energy, so they are perfectly suited to run around with feisty kids. They are also loyal and gentle, which is about what you’d expect from a breed with a reputation for rescuing children from wells. 


As we’ve mentioned before, retrievers make great family dogs. They’re loyal, friendly and patient − three traits that are well-suited for young children. These dogs are always down for extended playtime and a good old-fashioned belly rub. 

Keep an eye out for these family-friendly breeds at your local animal shelter or consider fostering one to get a sense of how they mesh with your family. And remember, any dog, regardless of breed, can be a good family dog with proper training and socialization.