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Holiday Quiz: What’s on Your Dog’s Wish List?

When you’re shopping for your pooch this season, make sure you get them a present they’ll love.


Are visions of squeaky toys dancing in your dog’s head this year, or would they prefer a tastier gift? When you’re shopping for your pooch this season, make sure you get them a present they’ll love. Take our quiz to find your pup’s present profile. 

Who is your dog’s favorite playmate? 

A) Me, obviously! 

B) She has a pack that she runs with. 

C) She is more of a lone wolf. 

Your dog gets hold of a magic lamp (likely dug out of the garbage)—what would her three wishes be? 

A) Roast chicken, filet mignon and a bowl of expertly seasoned wet food. 

B) An open field to run in, a rabbit to chase and a human that would never stop them from rolling in puddles. 

C) A fancy bed, a solid-gold collar and unlimited petting. 

What’s your dog’s holiday guilty pleasure? 

A) Cuddling with Grandma when she visits … even though she’s allergic. 

B) Chasing carolers away from the door. 

C) Sneaking a taste of the holiday feast when no one is looking. 

What’s your dog’s take on fetch? 

A) “I am very pro-fetch.” 

B) “I mean, fetch is fine, but how about I catch the ball, then wrestle the heck out of it and then you chase me and try to get it? That sounds fun.” 

C) “Is that ball made of steak? No? Then I’m fine sitting right here, thanks.” 

Who is your dog’s holiday hero? 

A) A holiday aficionado who is fun-loving and enthusiastic to a fault. 

B) Anyone who lives at the North Pole, because that sounds like a crazy adventure. 

C) A gourmand who gets to spend holidays in their favorite chair in the house—at the dinner table. 

It’s snowing outside, and your dog is: 

A) Content to watch it from the window, attempting to bite the falling snowflakes. 

B) Outside already, running around knee-deep in snow. 

C) Curled up in their bed sleeping through it all. 


Mostly A’s? Give that dog a squeaky toy! 

Your pup enjoys playtime as much as the next dog, if not more. Buy a durable toy for her to chew on this holiday, and she can fetch to their heart’s content. 

Mostly B’s? Give that dog a rope toy! 

This is a toy your pooch can play with alone, with you or with other furry pals. Since your dog is adventurous, you could even make a game out of hiding this toy and having her track it down. 

Mostly C’s? Give that dog a treat! 

Your dog has an appetite for nice things this holiday, so why not treat her to a box of their favorite snacks? Think of it as the dog equivalent of visions of figgy pudding. 

A mix of A’s, B’s and C’s? 

Your dog likes a little bit of everything, so give a toy filled with treats that will keep your dog occupied and offer up a very tasty reward for being such a good boy or girl this year.